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Are you looking for hairstyles to inspire your next trip to the hair salon? Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a shortlist of super-hot medium length hairstyles with bangs! They’re sexy, stylish, and timeless – what more could you ask from in a hairstyle?

What we also love about medium length hairstyles with bangs is how universal they are. Not only do they look awesome on various face shapes – but the length is pretty perfect.

Admit it, no-one has time to look after very long hair (I have a life, thank you very much!) – but short hair can sometimes be a little too bold. And what’s why medium length hairstyles provide just the perfect option.

Are you ready to lay your eyes upon gorgeous medium length hairstyles with bangs you’ve ever seen? Let’s go!

Casual Bangs

Are you in search of your next every-day hairstyle? Look no further than these playful, casual bangs. We love everything about them – from the dark, chestnutty color to the shine and volume!

Not only is this hairstyle super cute – but it is also effortless to style. And – wispy bangs are wonderfully face-framing!

Bold Bangs

If you’re after a braver choice that stands out from the crowd, this blunt, asymmetric cut could provide some inspiration.

This is ideal for someone who is looking for something a little more out there without giving up the length of their locks. The slanted cut is incredibly trendy right now – and it’s great for lengthening the face.

Quirky Violet

There’s nothing we don’t love about this vibrant hairstyle – except, perhaps, that we keep chickening out from actually going for it at the salon.

Violet is so hot right now in the hair color world – and, if this color allures you, we’d recommend booking an appointment soon before it becomes a trend you see on every corner.

Bob with Bangs

And if you’d rather keep it to yourself than choose a vibrant, attention-grabbing hairstyle, this beautiful short bob with bangs has won over our hearts a long time ago.

It’s so classy, simple and adorable that we think everyone should choose it as their hairstyle at least once in their lifetime. Simplicity is key, they say.

Trendy Bangs

There’s nothing more stylish right now that pretty, curled ends and hipster forehead bangs. This look is frequently found in hairstyle magazines – but we also love it because of how much volume it adds to thin hair.

If your hair isn’t thick and you’d like to boost its appearance without having to use tons of volumizing products – opt for something simple and effective, like this hairstyle. For more movement and quirkiness, curl your hair in different directions.

Platinum Bangs

Ah, the platinum pink. It’s a color we simply can’t get enough of – and can definitely recommend to anyone out there who is looking to jazz things up a bit.

While this hairstyle may not be for the faint-hearted, we think hair should be fun. So why not make it look like bubble-gum!? Beautiful side bangs also do wonders with making round faces look a little less round.

Fiery Medium Hairstyle + Bangs

This is a wonderful hair color for anyone who has paler skin and would like to emphasize that. Spicing up your hairstyle with vibrant color is one of the fail-proof ways to do a stunning makeover.

There’s something special about the effortless curls which beautifully frame the face. Make sure yours are voluminous by styling your hair with a bit of hairspray or mousse. It’s a youthful hairstyle that’ll compliment most face shapes if done well.

Rosy Bob

If you have medium hair but would like it to be on the short side, go for this charmingly intriguing hairstyle. Beautiful beach waves combined with stylish, messy bangs – and you have a cute hairstyle!

It’s edgy, a little unusual – and very easy to style. Once you have the right cut, you can be out the door as quickly as in 5 minutes.

Sleek Bob

As you can probably tell, we’re huge fans of the bob hairstyle. And when you have naturally sleek hair – whatever color it may be (although we absolutely love this metallic mauve) – we think a bob hairstyle looks gorgeous.

Whether you choose to wear your hair straight or wavy, a bob with beautiful side bangs is trendy, modern, and flattering.

The Pink Bob

Searching for that perfect color to die your hair this season? Go pink, all the way! If you’re looking to experiment a little with hair color and to try something a little more extravagant, why not add pink to the top of your list?

This hairstyle is particularly flattering for longer faces – even though some would say it’s quite a brave choice for this particular face shape. The bob frames your face well, and the look is undeniably quirky. Ideal for the attention-grabbers out there!

Curls + Bangs

Many women with curly hair seem to fight against the course of nature – they stock up with hair straighteners and spend many hours a week taming their untamable mane!

But we think the best thing you can do with hair is to embrace your hair type and texture and find a hairstyle that unleashes its true power.

This medium hairstyle with bangs for curly hair truly makes us envy her well-defined, bouncy curls. It’s voluminous, quirky, and classy all at once.

Longer Bob with Bangs

This hairstyle instantly says “cool, indie chick,” doesn’t it? Yep, we think so too. If you’d like to unleash your inner indie rocker, try it out!

We love how sleek the hair looks and how laid-back the look is overall. Whether you choose to pair it with a cute, hipstery shirt (as in the picture) or an evening dress, you’ll look fab. As always, our preferred hairstyles are the ones that have a unique personality – and this is up there.

Icy Blonde Bangs

20 Gorgeous Medium Length Hairstyles With Bangs - StylesRant (13)

Do you often dress to impress? Can the same be said about your hair? This beautiful icy blonde hairstyle may not be for the attention-hating introverts out there, but it certainly impresses us.

In fact, we think the color is simply too cool to miss this season! That said, a fair amount of bleaching will have to be done, so make sure your heart is set on it before you take the leap.

Caramel Brown Bob

Straight hair will look unbeatable in this sleek caramel brown bob with bangs. It’s a stunning look for every day, as well as occasions. We love how glamorously the bangs fall on her face making it look so seamless.

Going for the middle parting will emphasize the sharp line and create a beautifully symmetric effect. Middle parting hairstyles are something people either hate or love – but we think there are more reasons to love it than not! Whether your hair is ultra-thick or needs an extra volume boost, side partings can look wonderfully chic.

Charming Lob with Bangs

Want a longer bob? Enter the lob! One of our favorite hairstyles of 2019, the lob definitely deserves its “hairstyle of the year” title it often receives from hair publications worldwide.

This delightful lob has it all – razored layers as well as longer, wispy bangs that work wonderfully on her face shape. If you use a large curling iron to get your hair into shape before running out the door, that’ll give it a natural, effortless look that’s so in right now.

Seductive A-line Bob

If you’re after sleek Parisian chic, this seductive A-line bob should be on top of your list of hairstyles to try in 2019. It’s beautifully simple yet incredibly classy.

We think if there was one perfect cut, the A-line bob would be it. There’s hardly anything more sophisticated out there than this.

Caramel Waves

Another delicious look for women with naturally curly or wavy hair. A layered bob does wonders in enhancing your hair’s natural volume – just make sure you use a smoothing shampoo and serum to achieve a sleek final effect.

Adding caramel highlights to your chocolate brown hair always goes a long way in creating a subtle intrigue. It’s incredibly popular as hair color – and we can see why. Such a flattering tone!

Shaggy Bob with Bangs

20 Gorgeous Medium Length Hairstyles With Bangs - StylesRant (18)

This sassy look is perfect for anyone who is into the messy, straight-outta-bed look. Shaggy hairstyles have long been something we absolutely love – not only because they look so effortless, but because they literally take minutes to style (once you have the cut!).

It’s playfully modern – and it’ll suit various face shapes.

Playful Tones

Not everyone wants to stick to ordinary colors. If you’re someone who thinks chocolate brown hair is boring, how about this playful, subtly colorful palette?

We love the bangs and the pastel colors – together, they create a statement that isn’t too “out there.”

Grey Tones

This unique lob with bangs is ideal for someone who likes to showcase their individuality. Not only is it intriguing – but it is also really flattering!

The lob with bangs is face-framing, while the subtle grey tones create a contrasting, stand-out look that will catch an eye.

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20 Gorgeous Medium Length Hairstyles With Bangs - StylesRant (2024)
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