20 Hairstyle Ideas for White Girls with Box Braids (2024)

When it comes to protective hairstyles, the most popular one is the box braids. We have seen many women out there flaunting their box braids like divas, and the versatility of these braids does not even require any explanation. These braids can be worn long, medium, or short, and they will be the centerpiece of any occasion.

Box braids vary in size and they need a few hours to be done properly. Although we have mainly seen black girls carrying their box braids gracefully, it’s no longer a secret that white girls can also opt for a box braided hairstyle. Although there are some concerns regarding box braids causing hair loss or damage to white girls who try out this style, following the proper steps can actually help avoid such damage.

Box braids have become a versatile hairstyle, so you can try them out in different styles to upgrade your hair look. So for all the white girls out there, if you are ready to make the commitment, then now is your time to shine! Ahead is a list of the trendiest box braid hairstyles that white girls can try. But before jumping into the list, let’s know some facts that you need to know before getting your box braids done.

Table of Contents

    • Things to Keep in Mind before Getting Your Box Braids
  • Stunning Box Braids Hairstyles for White Girls
      • Blonde Braids
      • Blonde Bun
      • Half Up Top Bun
      • Side Shaved Pink
      • Three Color Ombré
      • Purple and Blonde
      • Black and Red
      • Casual Double Buns
      • Blonde Ponytail
      • Burgundy Hair
      • Ginger Braids
      • Rainbow Braids
      • Braided Braids
      • Black and White
      • Blue Ends
      • With Hair Wrap
      • With Beads
      • White Box Braids
      • Low Bun
      • Curly Ends
    • FAQs
    • Final Words

Things to Keep in Mind before Getting Your Box Braids

20 Hairstyle Ideas for White Girls with Box Braids (1)

For white girls, getting box braids is literally a strong commitment. It’s not every day you wake up with a head full of braids, so the challenge is going to be real. But after some time, you will find yourself adjusting to your new braided reality.

First of all, you need to ensure that you will be able to tackle the challenges that come with doing box braids. Make a plan of when you want to get them and how you are going to take care of them. Box braids take a lot of time to be done properly at the salon, so we suggest you clear your schedule beforehand for at least half a day in order to keep things going smoothly.

You need to determine what color of hair you will be going for, and make sure to buy synthetic hair for your box braids. You can consult with your hairdresser to determine how much hair you will be needing and what color will suit you the most. If you want really long braids, then it will take a lot of time to do them properly. So keep that in mind as well.

Styling your hair in different ways may seem like a hassle with all your braids. Even doing a simple ponytail may end up being a problem. But with time, you will end up adjusting yourself to this reality. Also, box braids will initially make you feel uncomfortable when you go to sleep or carry on with your daily chores. But gradually you will get used to it.

If you start noticing baby hair, don’t get worried. Rather grab a hairspray or a gel and set your baby hair down to make the style proper. However, if your hair in the roots ends up growing faster, you can redo the braids on that part only rather than going for a complete overdo.

One great thing about getting box braids is you won’t have to deal with tangles anymore. Because let’s face it-braids do not get tangled. Box braids stay all proper and neat even after many days of wearing, which is definitely a plus point for this hairstyle. But make sure to keep aside a good amount of money before taking the decision of getting your braids done, because they will cost you some bucks.

So that’s a basic guide to determining whether you will be able to handle box braids. If you feel confident enough to pull off a stunning look with your braids, then now is your time to shine. Make sure to grab the best quality hair and consult with your hairdresser regarding your issues to ensure the best styling outcome. And you will be ready to flaunt your box braids in no time!

Stunning Box Braids Hairstyles for White Girls

Now that we have established why you need to embark on the journey with your box braids, it’s time to get your box braids done and style them in different elegant ways. For that, we have compiled a list of styles that will be perfect for making a statement. So without any further ado, let’s check them out!

Blonde Braids

20 Hairstyle Ideas for White Girls with Box Braids (2)

We know that black box braids are always a stunner, but many white girls out there love to try out the blonde braided look the first time they do box braids. This is why you will find plenty of pictures on the internet where white girls are flaunting their blonde box braids.

Classic blonde hair is always associated with white girls, so it is easy to assume that those with natural blonde hair will surely opt for blonde box braids. For that, it is required to pick a pre-stretched braiding hair with the perfect shade of blonde for a natural outcome.

This picture is totally loved by us because the girl here has a beautiful style with all the box braids done to perfection. The hair has been given the illusion of a side-parted style, and it looks totally elegant. If you have dark hair, you can also try out this look to make the combination more interesting.

Blonde Bun

20 Hairstyle Ideas for White Girls with Box Braids (3)

One of the easiest hairstyles after getting box braids is turning your hair into a nice top bun. This allows you to stay hassle-free whenever you are doing things where you don’t want your hair to get involved. Plus, the hair stays in place and looks beautiful with the bun, so it’s an added bonus.

We love a hairstyle where the braids have been used to make a bun because the volume is already great when you go for box braids. So when the bun is done, it looks much fuller compared to our regular buns done with our natural hair.

If you do not believe us, here is a picture to prove our point. The lady in the picture has a head full of beautifully done box braids, and the braids have been gathered together to make a beautiful top bun out of them. The entire hairstyle is so clean and precise, and we definitely recommend it to you.

Half Up Top Bun

20 Hairstyle Ideas for White Girls with Box Braids (4)

Another effortless way to style your box braids is making a half up style out of them. It doesn’t require much, and the result is sure to surprise you. And for a classic half up style, we always prefer the top bun that looks cute and chic at the same time.

Doing a half up top bun with box braids is quite easy. You just need to separate your braids into two sections, and then with the upper section of braids, you need to do a simple bun. This bun will sit beautifully on the top, while the rest of the braids in the lower section flows gracefully.

The lady in the picture has a perfectly done half up top bun hairstyle with a combination of black and brown colors in her braids. The ombré effect has made this hairstyle quite classy, and we love the hint of brown in the bun. For all the white girls out there with their box braids, this style is elegant enough for both formal and informal occasions.

Side Shaved Pink

20 Hairstyle Ideas for White Girls with Box Braids (5)

We always love a bold hairstyle-no matter what the season or time is. If you have the confidence to pull off a bold hair look with vibrant colors and fearless styles, then it’s always easy to make your own statement in a room full of people.

In recent times, the shaved hair trend has become quite popular. Although this was something that men exclusively went for, many women love to try out this hairstyle nowadays to channel their inner energy through their hair. And the classic side-shaved look is one of our favorites in this case. You can go for a side-shaved hairstyle with beautiful box braids right in the middle if you want to try out a fun and cool hairstyle

In this picture, the braids have been done using pink and blonde braiding hairs. The pink is not too vibrant and not too subtle at the same time, so it looks great as a braided style. We can also notice a few pieces of brown box braids down the length, which makes this style even more unique. Plus, the gold hair rings have done their job to take her hair look to the next level.

Three Color Ombré

20 Hairstyle Ideas for White Girls with Box Braids (6)

Three different colors in one hairstyle? Count us in! Especially if we are talking about box braids, then the beauty of such a hairstyle won’t even require any explanation. So if you are willing to go for a box braided hairstyle, we suggest you choose ombré braiding hair if you love to play with colors on your hair.

The general combination for a three color ombré is black, brown, and blonde. But for the fun-loving ladies out there, an exciting color combination is the black, purple, and white one. You just need to choose the right braiding hair with the perfect color to achieve a three color ombré box braid look, and you will thank us for suggesting this style.

So the next time you visit the salon, take this picture as your guide and show this to your hairdresser to achieve similar outcomes. The braids in the picture look so perfect that we can’t stop staring at them. We love how the colors have blended seamlessly, so this one is a must-try from our side!

Purple and Blonde

20 Hairstyle Ideas for White Girls with Box Braids (7)

When it comes to box braids, we always encourage trying out different colors of braiding hair to achieve a cute and elegant look depending on the color of hair you have chosen. Just like you can go all big and bold with your red and blue hair, you can also keep it cute and chic with subtle shades such as pink or mauve.

Some of us even love to try out different colors of braids with a single base color such as blonde or brown, which gives the hair a highlight effect. Remember, it’s your hair and you should be able to have fun with it while being comfortable. So the options are endless! And for all the white girls out there, the combination of colors such as purple, pink, or mauve along with blonde is always a great pick!

Just like this hairstyle in the picture, where we can see a combination of different colors. The lady here has box braids in lavender blush purple color as well as mauve and blonde box braids all over her hair. The colors have been placed randomly, and some of the braids even contain two colors of hair. This style is really cute, so you can give this a try for sure!

Black and Red

20 Hairstyle Ideas for White Girls with Box Braids (8)

Coming back to our favorite color of all time, it’s the bold red. Literally, there is no hairstyle out there that does not support incorporating red, especially when it comes to protective hairstyles. We have seen many divas out there flaunting their red braids with style, so choosing red braiding hair for your box braids is really necessary to channel your inner confidence through your hair.

The classic combination of red and black hair can never go out of the picture. You can simply choose both red and black braiding hair for doing your box braids, or opt for the red ones only if your natural hair is already black. The outcome will be amazing anyway.

The picture here shows two types of styles done with red box braids which look totally stunning. The first one is a ponytail that has been done by combining all of the braids and tying them up with a black hair tie, and the second one is simply a side-part style. We love how the ends have been given a curly look to look full of volume, and the hints of burgundy braids are also quite captivating.

Casual Double Buns

20 Hairstyle Ideas for White Girls with Box Braids (9)

Just like doing a half up top bun hairstyle, you can also opt for a quite casual style like double buns to flaunt your box braids gracefully. It is an easy style that just requires two hair ties, and it can be done within minutes. The style will make you look chic and cool, and many ladies out there have tried out this style on several occasions.

We suggest you try out a fun hair color if you want to achieve this look. Not that we are complaining about our regular dark base colors, but adding a hint of colors is always fun, so why not? If you really want to look cool, we suggest you get braiding hair in subtle shades of pink, purple, and similar colors.

This is what we mean by cute and casual. The lady in the picture has the perfect purple box braids with hints of brown, and the ends are white to make the colors stand out. Her hair on both sides has been turned into two bun-like shapes where the style is not complete buns rather a half-bun situation is going on. We love the use of colorful hair ties in creating the style as it has added a touch of fun to the style.

Blonde Ponytail

20 Hairstyle Ideas for White Girls with Box Braids (10)

We have talked about the buns, we have talked about the braids, so why not talk about the ponytail? We simply cannot skip this essential hairstyle because ponytails are literally a part of our everyday lives. They are so versatile that you can rock a ponytail anywhere from elegant occasions to casual outings.

One of the most common ways to style your box braids is by turning them into a beautiful ponytail. Now, this might seem like a hassle if you are a white girl who just got her first-ever box braids done. But with time and practice, we believe you will become comfortable turning your hair into a big and voluminous ponytail.

This is how gorgeous it looks when you gather all your box braids together and make a ponytail out of them. The blonde box braids have been done to perfection, and the ponytail has been done using a simple black hair tie. We totally love the fuller look of this ponytail and suggest you give it a try the next you style your hair.

Burgundy Hair

20 Hairstyle Ideas for White Girls with Box Braids (11)

We have seen many women out there trying out burgundy hair color. Some have tried it on their natural hair, while some prefer to choose it for their braiding sessions. So if you are a fan of this particular color and want to try out a burgundy hair look, then start by picking burgundy braiding hair for your box braids.

The color is quite elegant so it looks amazing when you opt for a head full of burgundy box braids. If your natural hair is black, the combination of black in the roots and burgundy all over will look even more exclusive. So for starters, burgundy braids have our complete approval for white girls.

This picture says it all. The lady here has a head full of beautifully done burgundy box braids. The length of the braids is quite flattering, and we love the half up top bun style that has been done with the braids. Gold hair rings have also been placed randomly throughout the braids, which makes the style even more exquisite. So if you are looking for something elegant to start your box braid journey, this style here can be a great pick for you!

Ginger Braids

20 Hairstyle Ideas for White Girls with Box Braids (12)

Women with naturally red hair can style their hair in many elegant ways. Red hair is exclusive, so it looks quite alluring when styled and adorned properly. We have seen many women with red hair trying out styles like curls and straight looks. But if you don’t have natural red hair, it doesn’t mean the options are unavailable for you.

What you simply need to do is choose a pre-stretched braiding hair that has the ginger shade, and your dream of achieving red hair will be a matter of hours. Honestly speaking, this hairstyle is just like your regular box braids with red hair, and there’s nothing much needed to do to perfect it.

The lady in this picture has beautiful box braids and the ginger hair has suited her quite well. The hair has been given a princess style at the back to make it look more appealing, plus we love the length of the braids. So this one definitely gets our approval!

Rainbow Braids

20 Hairstyle Ideas for White Girls with Box Braids (13)

The use of colors in braids can be quite versatile. You can choose a single colored braiding hair, whereas options like ombré are also quite popular among ladies. But some of us simply want to go bolder than that, and the wish for channeling our energy through our hair has always been fruitful.

This is where we suggest you try out bolder color options for your braids, such as the rainbow shades. You might think that we are talking about different pieces of braids in different colors. But actually, you can create a rainbow shade within a single braid, so the possibilities are endless! And this color combination looks great on white girls with box braids.

To get a clearer vision of what we are talking about, here is a picture of a lady with rainbow braids. As you can see, each braid has a rainbow shade individually, and the hair looks stunning. The half up top bun style is also quite cute, and we love the use of gold hair rings in some of the pieces of braids.

Braided Braids

20 Hairstyle Ideas for White Girls with Box Braids (14)

Ever thought about braiding your braids? Sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it? But if you get box braids and try to turn those into a separate braided hairstyle, then it’s quite possible. And it will not even take you a big amount of time to do this hairstyle properly.

It’s all easy because your box braids will already be done beforehand. And just like turning your box braids into a ponytail or a top bun, you simply need to do one or more braids out of them. Trust us, the style will be elegant and you will fall in love with it.

If you are a white girl with box braids searching for creative hairstyles, take this picture as your guide. Here, the lady has gone for a middle part box braid hairstyle. The braids on each side have been gathered together to make two large braids. Braids with braids, if we must say. The beauty of this style requires no explanation.

Black and White

20 Hairstyle Ideas for White Girls with Box Braids (15)

Are you a fan of the classic combination of black and white? We think many of us out there simply love this color combination whenever it comes to our dresses or pair of sneakers. But if you want to step up your fame, trying out these colors on your hair can be a great option as well.

The most famous way to try out this combo is to do a money piece style or simply go for half of each color on both sides. But if those styles are not suitable for you, and you just want to try something out of the box, then why not give our beloved box braids a try?

For instance, the hair in this picture contains box braids, but both black and white braiding hair have been used to achieve this style. The braids are completely white at the ends and the root hair is totally black, so the combo of black and white braids in the middle is visually quite appealing. This style is classy, so we suggest you give it a try.

Blue Ends

20 Hairstyle Ideas for White Girls with Box Braids (16)

We have already talked about the ombré style, and you already know how to achieve a two-toned box braided hairstyle. But apart from these really cool styles. You can also try out giving the ends of your braid a different color compared to your roots, which will make your hair even cooler.

For this particular style, we suggest you pick vibrant braiding hair. This is because if half of your braids are done in our root or base color, they will be naturally darker in appearance. So, a vibrant touch at the ends will surely elevate your style and make it look more playful.

In this picture, the lady has black hair on the roots and she has chosen a vibrant blue color to give her ends the justice they need. Seriously, the blue is screaming total coolness to us, and we love how both the colors have been adjusted together to make this style charming. So if you want to showcase your cool-girl vibes, this one here is the right pick for you.

With Hair Wrap

20 Hairstyle Ideas for White Girls with Box Braids (17)

You can style your box braids in different ways, starting from the classic wooden beads to simply add a bandana to your style. In recent times, hair accessories for braids have gained their fair share of popularity, and we always love the wrapped-up style when it comes to our beloved box braids.

Hair wraps can be worn in different elegant and creative ways. You can make a simple knot out of our hair wrap, or do a big bow to make your hair look all cute and chic. No matter what style you choose, your braids will look quite gorgeous when you add a plain or printed hair wrap to your style.

When it comes to box braids for white girls with a hair wrap, take this picture as an example. The lady in the picture has a head full of box braids that are flowing freely, but these simple braids have been elevated by adding the beautiful hair wrap. An elegant rose has been made out of the printed hair wrap right at the front, and the random use of gold hair rings has made the style more elegant.

With Beads

20 Hairstyle Ideas for White Girls with Box Braids (18)

As we mentioned in the previous style, one of the most common ways to adorn your box braids is by adding beads to the ends of your braids. From little girls to mature women, this hairstyle is suitable for all. And the plus point is that you can choose from different fun options as well as the classic ones when it comes to the beads.

The most popular beads are the transparent and the wooden ones which look totally stunning when added to the ends. These braids are available in different types, sizes, and prints, so you can choose the one that suits you the most. Trust us, all of them will make your braids look totally adorable.

This hairstyle is one of our favorites when it comes to box braids with beads. Different types of wooden beads have been used to create this style, and we love how adorned it looks with all those beads sitting at the ends so gracefully. This makes us want to try out this hairstyle right now!

White Box Braids

20 Hairstyle Ideas for White Girls with Box Braids (19)

There are plenty of styles available for box braids, and they can also be classified by the sizes of box braids you are going for. And as one of the classics, jumbo box braids have always been a priority for many women. These box braids look fuller in appearance and they give you a hairstyle full of volume that you will love to flaunt.

The most common way to wear jumbo box braids is to leave them as they are and let them flow gracefully. Many women also love to wear beads and hair rings with their jumbo box braids. And if you want to do something extra cool, you can create half up space buns with your braids.

Such as the one shown in this picture. As you can see, white braiding hair has been used to create this beautiful style with jumbo box braids. The middle part hair has beautiful space buns that look stunning, and we love the play of black and white hairs around the roots.

Low Bun

20 Hairstyle Ideas for White Girls with Box Braids (20)

Top buns are quite common with box braids. Many ladies love to put their hair into a top bun that looks totally gorgeous because the braids add more volume to the style. It is quite common to wear your braided hair in a top bun, but have you ever tried the low bun style?

We all know how elegant it looks when a sleek low bun is done on natural hair. That doesn’t mean you cannot rock a low bun with your box braids simply because your hair is braided. Rather it looks quite bold and ravishing, so we suggest you give this style a try at least once.

This is how you can do a low bun with your box braids to make your hair ready for any formal or red carpet events. It doesn’t require much, and the outcome is gorgeous as you can see. This simple blonde low bun with box braids has won our hearts for sure.

Curly Ends

20 Hairstyle Ideas for White Girls with Box Braids (21)

We cannot simply end our list without mentioning one of the classic styles out there, which is the box braids with curly ends. This style has gained a lot of love from its regular users as it looks totally stunning when done perfectly. Plus, you can maintain the volume of your hair up until the end with this amazing style.

The thing with box braids is that your hair gets thinner as it reaches the end of the braid. This is why if you want to keep it all fuller-looking, curling the ends is the best option. You can use flexi rods in different sizes to curl the ends of your braids, and you will undoubtedly fall in love with this style.

The lady in this picture has beautiful box braids in white with hints of orange, which look totally stunning. The ends have curled properly which gives the entire style a modish vibe. Also, we totally love the casual half up top knot style.


Starting your journey with box braids is not an easy decision to make and we understand that. But we hope our simple guide has provided you with enough reasons why you should try out box braids. Now, before getting your box braids done, there are some common confusions that might make you think twice. So we have gathered the solutions for those problems to make your life easier!

How long does my natural hair need to be to get box braids?

There are literally no limits in this case. Many people have a misconception that your hair needs to be on the longer side to get your box braids done. But in reality, box braids can be done on short hair as well. This protective hairstyle is basically done on short and coarse black hair, so short hair is suitable for doing box braids.

How long can I keep my box braids?

It is recommended to keep box braids no longer than six to eight weeks. Your root hairs are natural and they can get dirty if you keep your box braids for too long, so it’s suggested you take them off within the mentioned time.

Do box braids damage the hair of white girls?

When it comes to box braids for white girls, as long as you follow the right steps, the question of damage being done is not there. Make sure not to do your braids too tightly and also keep in mind that you need to add hair according to the size of your hair section. Do not add too much hair extension if your partings cannot bear the amount. Follow the steps properly and your styling will be easier.

What colors are suitable for white girls when it comes to box braids?

You can easily pick the classic black braiding hair if you want the popular black-braided hair look. Other than that, blonde, brown, shades of pink and purple as well as white braiding hairs are also great for white girls to rock their box braids.

Final Words

Box braids are beautiful. They do not require any introduction, and they are our all-time favorites. We believe that when it comes to styling your hair, there should be no limits. Our hair speaks our minds and tells a lot about who we are. So if you are a white girl and are confused about whether box braids will be the right option for you, we ask you to give it a try once.

Box braids look amazing on white girls. The versatility of these braids will make you fall in love with this hairstyle. You can keep your braids long or short according to your necessity, and the braids will make you look like a diva. We know the first few days can be a hassle after getting your box braids done, but once you get comfortable, the opportunities will be endless.

So pick your favorite one from the styles we have mentioned here, and flaunt your box braids like never before. Try out fun and versatile hair colors to make your braids look dashing, and don’t forget to keep your confidence intact as you step outside to rule the world with your hair!

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20 Hairstyle Ideas for White Girls with Box Braids (2024)


Will white peoples hair fall out if they get box braids? ›

Answer: Excessive tension placed on the hair shafts, often after wearing extensions, weaves, braids or tight ponytails, can lead to a type of hair loss called Traction Alopecia. The hair is pulled so tightly that it damages the follicle.

Which braids make you look younger? ›

Try a partial braid (like Blake Lively) that frames a side of the face or a loose side-swept braid that diffuses unnecessary attention to your aging features. A braided ponytail wrapped up into a messy bun like that of Jessica Alba is another way to take some years off your look.

Can a 50 year old woman wear braids? ›

” . . . one of the many advantages of braids is that they are an inclusive trend. Unlike trends like skinny jeans, that so many women can't get in on because of their body type or because of age, braids can be worn by everyone.”

How long do box braids last on girls? ›

After your full-day appointment, you can expect your box braids to last a total of four to six weeks without a touch up, if maintenance is kept up (including trimming away extension fly-aways, keeping edges smooth and hydrated, and ensuring your scalp health is in tip-top shape).

Do lice hate braids? ›

Braids can provide some level of protection against head lice compared to loose, flowing hair. This is because braided hair is less likely to come into direct contact with someone else's hair, where lice can crawl from one head to another.

Are box braids unhealthy? ›

However, wearing box braids for extended periods of time, particularly for several months, can pose some potential health risks: Scalp Tension and Traction Alopecia: The tightness of the braids, especially if they are installed too tightly or if they are too heavy, can cause tension on the scalp.

What hair length makes a woman look younger? ›

Will having long hair or short hair make me look younger? If you have medium to thick hair, a lengthier mane can give off an air of youthfulness. But if your hair leans thin, it's best to go with a cut that's mid-length or shorter to lend natural volume to your look.

Do you look younger with long or short hair? ›

Does short or long hair make you look younger? Long hair can enhance facial features by diverting attention away from wrinkles or age spots and adding volume to your hair. Short hair does not need to age you, though, as the style and texture of shorter hairstyles can add a youthful appearance.

Does your hair grow faster in braids? ›

Mythbusting: Braids & Hair Growth

We're all looking for a quick fix for longer, healthier hair. But unfortunately, braiding hair does not speed up growth rate. Your hair grows at a rate determined by genetics, while lifestyle factors like your diet and stress levels can cause thinning and breakage.

What is the most flattering hair length for over 50? ›

  • Chin-length bob. ...
  • Shoulder-length waves. ...
  • Textured crop. ...
  • Sleek lob. ...
  • Soft pixie cut. ...
  • Asymmetrical bob. ...
  • Textured fringe. ...
  • How does menopause affect women's hair? Menopause includes several hormonal shifts, notably a decline in oestrogen and progesterone levels, which can impact hair health.

When should you stop wearing braids? ›

The longer your braids stay in, the harder it might be to maneuver around the build up. Some people end up having to cut their hair after leaving braids on for too long. So how long is safe? I'd recommend 6 to 8 weeks and if you want to go longer, you have to really take good care of it to avoid a lot of breakage.

What is the age limit for braids? ›

You're never too old to wear braided hair.

How long do braids last on Caucasian hair? ›

How long should you keep your braids on? According to hair care specialist Tatiana Dudley, braids with added extensions have a lifespan of four to six weeks, while those without tend to last approximately one to four weeks. "Anything beyond six weeks runs the risk of breakage," she says.

How do you take care of box braids on Caucasian hair? ›

Washing: Cleanse your braids every 2-3 weeks with gentle shampoo and cool water. Sleep tight: Wrap or satin pillowcase to prevent frizz and tangles. Moisturize the braids: Use a light oil or spray to keep them hydrated and prevent frizz. Be gentle: Avoid tight styles and excessive manipulation to prevent damage.

What are the disadvantages of braids? ›

Tension and Scalp Issues

If the braids are done too tightly, they may exert excessive tension on the scalp, leading to discomfort and, in some cases, potential scalp issues. Tension can be particularly problematic during the first few days after installation.

Can white hair get braided? ›

White women and girls have always braided their hair and still can and black women have every right to wear weaves or whatever they choose.

Are braids protective for white hair? ›

Protective Styles For Other Hair Types

When it comes to the protective styles for white hair, Asian hair, or any other naturally straight/wavy hair, the best ones would have to be buns, braids, French rolls and twists, or another tucked-away style. In fact, these all work as great protective styles for curly hair too.

How do you not lose your hair with box braids? ›

Regularly hydrate your hair from the roots and along the length of your hair that is protected by the braids. This ensures that your natural hair is absorbing moisture that it needs and staying soft so that when you remove your braids, they will easily come off without a lot of damaging friction.

Can box braids break your hair off? ›

Tight Braids: If box braids are installed too tightly, they can strain the scalp, lead to hair breakage, and even cause damage to your edges. Duration: Leaving your box braids in for more than 8 weeks can start damaging your hair, including causing breakage and shredding.

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