25 Pink French Tip Nail Designs That Should Be on Your Radar (2024)

Main Image – @nailsbytammy___/instagram

The humble and classic French tip has come on leaps and bounds over the past few decades, modernised by variations and colours, shapes and lengths. And, now, the pink French tip has come into the spotlight.

Seen on A-listers and celebs like Selena Gomez and Kim K recently, pink Frenchies started to gain momentum during the Barbiecore trend last year – but this movement is showing no signs of stopping soon!

So, I’ve curated 25 of the *very* best pink French tip nail designs that should be on your radar for your next trip to your nail tech.

1. Hot Pink micro French tip nails

A micro mani, but make it pink. We love these nails for making us look like we’ve got our lives together but we’re still having fun (nails can do that, trust us).

If you want your nail tech to recreate this look, ask for a milky nude base with a hint of pink and hot pink micro French tips.

2. Short nude nails with baby pink French tips and orange reverse French tips

How cool does this baby pink French tip mani look with neon reverse tips?!

All you need to recreate this look at home is a nude base, baby pink polish for the tips, and a neon orange (or another colour of your choice, you do you) for the reverse Frenchies.

3. Super short light pink micro French tip nails

The cutest, chicest pink French tip of the roundup (and Margot Robbie herself wore a set just like this for a carpet appearance in Seoul)! I love how understated these nails are but they’re still fun with a pop of pink rather than the classic white tip.

The base on these nails has a slight nude-pink tone that works really well with the light pink tips. To get the same tip shade at home, take a look here at some of the best shades from ORLY and choose your fave!

4. Nude and pink French tip square nails

These nails have more of a beige nude base, which gives it a more muted feel (perfect for those office workers who don’t want to be too OTT but like a pop of colour on their fingertips).

The square shape lends itself so well to these tones, ask your nail tech for short square nails with a beige/nude base and light pink tips.

5. Pink almond nails with classic white French tip

How gorgeous is this purply pink colour?! @junegilbert_nailartist used @magpie_beauty in the shade ‘Pink Cupcake’ for this stunning set.

Even though these nails look amazing as Frenchies, the shimmery feature nail adds a little something *extra*.

6. Light pink long coffin nails with white French tips

Suuuper long coffin nails with deep French tips are a huge statement, and this set looks amazing with lots of dainty rings and jewellery.

You’ll need your nail tech to tackle this one or, if you prefer press-ons, Etsy has loads of options here!

7. Baby pink square nails with black floating French tips

What’s better than a French tip? A floating French tip, of course! These nails are seriously Chanel chic.

@by_ezana created this stunning set usingthe new Hema free collection by The Gel Bottle and jet black art gel. If you’re asking your nail tech to create this look, take a screenshot or ask for a milky baby pink base on square nails with black floating French tips.

8. Short hot pink shimmer French tip nails

The hottest pink manicure for summer? We think so! This barely there nude base really sets off the shimmery hot pink tips on this French mani.

These nails were created using The Gel Bottle and the tips are in the shade ‘After Party’. You’re welcome.

9. Dark pink chrome French tip stiletto nails

Take your French pink mani out of this world with a shiny chrome finish like the nails below. @blushnailartist has created a short stiletto nail with a nude base and dark pink tips, covering it all with a gorgeous chrome shine.

The tips were created using@nailchemy_nz in the shade ‘Raspberry Jam’ – this shade has been super popular with those wanting to tap into the Barbie trend!

10. Pink French tip duck nails with red chrome details

The perfect pink Frenchies for Halloween (Jennifer’s Body, anyone?), this mani is one of the hottest shapes of the moment – duck nails. I can’t say I’m a fan of the shape personally, but some people seriously *love* it and it’s been all over my social media feeds lately.

@naileditbychelsey used @magpie_beauty in the shade ‘Pretty Polly’ pink with red chrome pigment to create this fun look!

11. Cute tiny heart French tip nails

Tiny dark and light pink hearts make this French manicure! Although they’re the perfect nails for Valentine’s Day, these are a fun and flirty set that you can wear all year round.

The milky base is perfect for shades of pink, take a screenshot of this one to your next appointment with your nail tech.

12. Double contrasting pink French tip nails

Double (pink) trouble! We can totally see Barbie wearing these pink French tips.

@put.it.in.nudetral used @the_gelbottle_inc polishes in the shades ‘Carrie’s Cosmo’ for the base and ‘Miami’ on the tips.

13. Milky light pink nails with white French tips and bows

Bows are the trend of the moment – whether you’re wearing them in your hair, on your clothes, on your shoes, or on your nails. This set has got to be the softest French tip in the roundup, complete with 2 gorgeous bow details and tiny diamantes.

Luckily, you don’t have to be great at nail art to be able to get in on the bow trend (yay)! Take a look at these cute bow nail stickers from Miss Lucy that come in a range of different colours to suit your style.

14. Cool evil eye pink ‘V’ French tip nails

The evil eye trend is another one that’s still doing the rounds this year, and this evil eye mani has a lot going on – stiletto shape, ‘V’ double French tips with glitter, dots, and some beautiful colours!

Although difficult to paint with a brush unless you’re a seasoned pro, you can recreate your own evil eye nails using decals like these ones from Etsy.

15. Pink and purple French tip nails with flower feature nails

Pink and purple are a combo that will never go out of style and they’re the perfect shades for spring – especially when paired with cure flowers!

Recreating flower nail art is actually easier than you think! All you need is a nail dotter or the sharper end of a wooden cuticle stick, first creating the small dot in the middle using nail polishes of your choice. Then use the dotting tool or cuticle pusher to create the petals around the flower, wait for it to dry, add a top coat and you’re done!

16. Lilac matte nails with glossy neon pink French tips

These are right up my street! The combination of gloss, matte, neon and pastels is a really unusual and eye-catching design that looks amazing with gold jewellery.

Take a screenshot of this mani to your nail tech or ask for a matte lilac base with glossy neon pink tips. You could also give this one a go at home with a matte pastel base and a glossy neon pink.

17. Red, white, and pink French tip nails with stars

Such a dreamy set! Using 3 colours for the tips on these nails gives more options, and the twinkle stars are bang on the celestial nail trend.

You can get these exact nails in press-on form here from Temu. Easy peasy!

18. Iridescent nails with contrasting pink flame French tips

25 Pink French Tip Nail Designs That Should Be on Your Radar (18)

Image – @queenspeckham/@fuegonailsldn/instagram

Flames are still hotter than ever in the world of nails, and this contrasting pink set looks amazing on an iridescent base.

@fuegonailsldn used @the_gelbottle_inc in the shades ‘Marylin’ and ‘Pink Panther’ to create this sizzling pink set but, if you prefer to DIY, check out these holographic flame nail stickers from Pro Impressions.

19. Pink and purple abstract modern French tip nails

We love an abstract nail! So chic and modern. This mani uses 3 colours and is easy to DIY at home.

Paint all of your nails with a nude or light pink base and wait for it to dry. Then, using a thin nail brush or even a nail polish brush, add half a French tip in one of your colours. Once this is dry, add the other half of the tip but make it a bit longer to create the same shape used on the mani below.

20. Round nails with shades of pink French tips and hearts

Heart nails can be worn all year round, you know! And this gorgeous glossy set is no exception.

Use a nude base to recreate this look and, once dry, add some pink French tips in your favourite shades. Add some red hearts using a dotting tool or cuticle pusher by making 2 dots for the top of the heart and dragging the polish down carefully to meet at a sharp point, making the bottom of the heart.

21. Pink ombre French tips with strawberry nail art

Ombre is a really versatile nail look, whether you prefer for it to be painted from left to right or top to bottom. This milky nude that transitions into hot pink French tips is the perfect canvas for some cute strawberry nail art!

We’ve created a roundup of 35 of the best pink ombre nails here for extra inspo.

22. Pastel pink and orange half-and-half French tip nails

Ok so pastels for spring might not be groundbreaking, but that doesn’t make them any less perfect. This muted mani is anything but boring with pastel pink and orange French tips that meet in the middle.

This is an easy one to DIY at home using 3 shades and a thin nail brush to create the tips. Struggling with getting your Frenchies as neat as you’d like them? These nail guides from Mavala make it easier than ever to create the perfect mani.

23. 3D pink croc print Fench tip nails

Croc print and 3D are two of the biggest nail trends we are seeing this year, and this pastel pink lends itself perfectly to this look, giving it a softer feel with some texture.

Take an image of this set to your next nail appointment to take on this trend.

24. Light pink reverse French tip nails

One way to switch up a French manicure is reverse tips, painting the line along the base if your nails rather than at the tips.

You can ask your nail tech for ‘reverse French tips’ using pink, or take a thin nail brush like this one from Nails Inc and carefully draw the line following your cuticles.

25. Holographic pink French tip nails with multicoloured stars and gems

Pink French tips but with a holographic finish! The sparkly dots on these nails give them a really ethereal feel, while the stars are bang-on-trend in the world of nail art right now.

Creating these pretty twinkle stars on your nails is quite easy using a dotting tool and a thin nail brush. Start with a small blob of nail polish using a dotting tool (or the end of a cuticle pusher), then drag out the arms of the star using your nail brush.

The takeaway

Pink will always be pretty and playful, and the ever-evolving French tip is the perfect style to incorporate this colour into your look.

Set to keep on climbing the ranks in the world of nails and with pink very much still on the radar thanks to multiple award ceremonies with the Barbie Movie in the nominations this year, celebs like Kim K, Margot Robbie, and Selena Gomez are also wearing these on their fingertips.

Whether you prefer to go super subtle with a micro mani or go all out with a seriously long coffin set, you can’t beat the classic Frenchie.

25 Pink French Tip Nail Designs That Should Be on Your Radar (26)

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25 Pink French Tip Nail Designs That Should Be on Your Radar (2024)
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