5 Best Professional Laser Hair Removal Equipment in the UK (2024)

With an increase in the popularity of professional laser hair removal, it has become one of the goldmines in the beauty world. So many beauty technicians have gone into the business of offering these laser services. But are all the professional laser hair removal equipment safe for your skin and hair type?

In this article, I will review some of the best professional laser hair removal equipment in the UK to help you choose the right salon or clinic to visit based on their equipment and reputation. Also, if you would like to remove your hair at home, I have the details of the best alternative to visiting salons and clinics for you in this post.

So, keep reading.

Benefits of Professional Laser Hair Removal

People go for professional laser hair removal equipment because of the following reasons;

  • Long-lasting result

The old ways of removing hair from the body require constant repetition, which can be tiring. But with professional laser hair removal equipment, you can be sure that once your laser sessions are over. You will be able to go on for a long time without the need for another session.

  • Speed

Who wants to spend several hours in some salons or clinics just to remove body hair? In this fast-paced world, anything that takes too much time is a no-go area for many people. But with one of these equipment, you can be sure you are spending just a little lime with your technician.

  • Precision

Professional laser hair removal equipment only focuses on the hair follicle you want to damage, keeping your surrounding skin safe.

  • A Painless Procedure
  • A professional laser hair removal machine makes hair removal as pain-free as possible. It’s one of the things that attracts people to it.

    • Reliability

    You can rely on it to remove your hair when other hair removal methods have failed.

    • Prevents Ingrown Hair

    A well-done professional laser hair removal goes as far as removing your annoying ingrown hairs permanently.

    Best Professional Laser Hair Removal Equipment in the UK

    In no particular order, here is the list of the best professional laser hair removal equipment in the UK.

    1.Eneka Pro

    5 Best Professional Laser Hair Removal Equipment in the UK (1)Eneka Pro has shown that an excellent professional laser hair removal machine does not have to cost a fortune, as it is affordable compared to others in the market today. It also comes highly recommended for use in clinics because of its medical CE certification.

    Eneka Pro has the following distinguishing features;

    • Multiple Spot Size: No matter how large or small the body part you want to cover is, Eneka has the perfect spot size for you. It's also so fast that you can cover both legs within 10 minutes.
    • 5000 Watts: Its 5000 watts power helps it to deliver a concise pulse duration to ensure faster work.
    • Smart Cooling System: its unique cooling system ensures that your clients do not feel pains during and after the laser treatment.

    Eneka Pro is a professional diode laser hair removal machine that can be customized to treat all skin and hair types.

    2.Nu TriLase Plus

      5 Best Professional Laser Hair Removal Equipment in the UK (2)When you want to improve the service you render to your clients in your salon or clinic, Nu TriLase Plus comes highly recommended. Because it is known across the UK to deliver comfortable and pain-free laser sessions, it has medical and FDA approval. It provides effective results with the following features;

      • Three laser wavelength: Nu TriLase Plus has high-performing Diode, Alexandrite, and ND:YAG lasers, making it a three-in-one laser machine for all skin types.
      • Affordable: it is also known to come with a reasonably low cost.
      • Versatile: Apart from hair removal, this equipment can also treat skin problems such as hyperpigmentation.

      Nu TriLase Plus has an ergonomic design to ensure you are comfortable at work.

      3.Candela GentleMax Pro

        5 Best Professional Laser Hair Removal Equipment in the UK (3)This powerful 4600-watt laser machine has the Alexandrite and ND:YAG lasers that enable technicians to use it on different skin and hair types. It has been tested and certified safe for several skin tones by dermatologists. The following unique features make the Candela GentleMax Pro stand out.

        • Large spot sizes of 1.5mm to 24mm: the large spot can cover a larger area on the skin at a go, making every session with your clients very short.
        • Versatile lasers: it is not built for hair removal alone. You can also use it to treat skin issues like wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. So, having one in your clinic makes your services sought after by so many people.
        • Cooling System: its built-in cooling system makes clients not dread their next laser appointment as it’s painless.

        Candela GentleMax Pro lasers can penetrate your client’s skin without damaging it. As such, it is very effective for treating all skin tones, from fair to dark.

        4.PrimeLase HR

          5 Best Professional Laser Hair Removal Equipment in the UK (4)This is another FDA-approved laser hair removal machine. With its power of 4800 to 5000 watts, it offers a permanent solution to hair removal, except for individuals experiencing hormonal imbalances that may lead to hair growth again.

          PrimeLase HR is also one of the high-quality laser hair removal machines without counterfeits. It has the following unique features;

          • Four wavelengths: this has gone ahead to beat other laser machines in the number of lasers. It has four types of lasers with different wavelengths, which makes it ideal for penetrating through to targeted depths in the skin.
          • Multiple solutions: This machine treats numerous skin problems, such as after-shave shadows, tattoo removal, and lots more, besides helping to remove objectionable hair.
          • Large Spot Size: it has gained the reputation of being one of the fastest laser hair removal machines in the world among beauty technicians with its 17 by 30mm sized spot.

          PrimeLase HR is a professional laser hair removal machine with a record of increasing client/patient satisfaction.

          5.Cynosure Apogee Elite

            5 Best Professional Laser Hair Removal Equipment in the UK (5)Famous for the treatment of spider veins, skin tightening, skin rejuvenation, acne, wrinkles, and other minor skin issues, Cynosure Apogee Elite has become one of the sought-after laser machines among beauty technicians. It has the following unique features.

            • Two wavelengths: it combines an Alexandrite laser of 755 nm YAG for all skin types.
            • Cooling system: this machine keeps the heated part of the client’s body cool to eliminate pain.
            • Relatively large spot size: with its 5 to 15 mm spot size, you can be assured of a fast session.

            Despite having just two laser wavelengths, it’s still one of the most versatile laser machines in the market today.

            Price and Cost of Professional Laser Hair Removal

            The amount you are charged per laser hair removal depends on the area, number of sessions, and region. Laser hair removal can cost as low as £35 and as high as £800 per session.

            These prices can go high depending on the clinic or salon. But booking for multiple laser sessions usually comes with some discounts.

            Is Professional Laser Hair Removal Better Than at Home?

            Depending on what you want, IPL hair removal devices like the Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL Hair Removal Handset can be your best option. But when you want to cover large and hard-to-reach body parts like your back, professional laser hair removal comes highly recommended.

            Permanent hair removal at home is rare because your home device cannot damage your hair follicles like the laser machines. There is also the question of comfort while a professional removes the hair. But you can also achieve comfort at home with help from a family member or friend.

            FAQ About Professional Laser Hair Removal

            Does laser remove 100% hair?

            Complete Laser sessions can leave your skin feeling silky and hairless for years, but the hair can still grow.

            What are the side effects of laser treatment

            Laser treatment can cause minor irritation on the surface of the skin, leading to swelling, pain, itching, etc.

            What is the best permanent laser hair removal?

            The PrimeLase HR has the reputation of permanently removing hair, but the hair can still grow when your hormonal balance changes.

            7 Limitations of Professional Laser Hair Removal

            As perfect as professional laser hair removal sounds, it has the following limitations;

            • Privacy

            Many people might not be comfortable with a stranger seeing some parts of their body that they want to render hairless. And the laser technician might just be a stranger with a professional tag.

            • Not Always Available

            Professional laser hair removal is unavailable in every nook and cranny, like other traditional hair removal devices and methods. Consequently, you may find yourself having to travel miles to get a clinic suitable for you.

            • Expensive

            Beauty procedures like professional laser hair removal are pretty expensive. Imagine if a session costs £800, and you must undergo ten of such. That's a considerable amount!

            • Possible Skin Damage

            If the laser machine is not suitable for your skin tone, you might end up with your skin burnt, discoloured, blistered, etc.

            • Long Treatment

            You need several sessions as recommended by your technician to ensure maximum results. Skipping a session might reduce its effectiveness and the average session for most people.

            • Hair Regrowth is Possible

            Despite the potential of removing hair permanently, your hair follicles can recover and start growing hair again. As such, it isn't a fool-proof permanent hair removal method.

            • It Requires the Service of a Professional

            A person without training in laser technology cannot conduct a professional laser hair removal session. The implication is that you have to book an appointment and hope that one is available at your preferred time.

            A Suitable Alternative

            Instead of paying so much to damage your hair follicles permanently, there are so many alternatives to consider. These alternatives include waxing, depilatory creams, sugaring, IPL hair removal, and threading. Of all these alternatives, the most effective is using an IPL hair removal device like the Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL Hair Removal Handset.

            The device guarantees hair removal within 90 days, or you can request a full refund. It has a sapphire ice cooling system that makes its usage painless. Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL is safe for all body parts and very fast too.

            Why Choose Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL Over Professional Laser?

            Suitable alternatives to professional laser hair removal like the Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL come highly recommended for the following reasons.


            The Ulike Air3 IPL only costs £319 compared to a professional laser hair removal session that might cost you up to £800 per session, depending on the area.


            Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL is one of the body grooming devices that can follow you anywhere. Because it will not occupy much space in your travel bag and it’s lightweight.

            Ergonomic Design

            The new Ulike Air3 IPL is designed with the user's comfort in mind. You don’t get fatigued while using it because apart from its matte finish that ensures a firm grip, its long design also affords convenience.


            With this IPL hair removal handset, you do not have to worry about exposing your body to anyone. You can carry out your body grooming at home.

            Easy to Use

            I love the fact that this IPL device does not have any complex instructions to follow. Even a first-time user can use it effectively without assistance from anyone.

            Saves Time and Energy

            With the Ulike Air3 IPL device, you can say goodbye to all the hassles of booking a laser appointment: no more time and energy wasted on keeping up with laser appointments.

            It Has Three Energy Modes

            Unlike alternatives that cannot be used on all body parts, Ulike Air3 IPL has a mode for the bikini area and face and two other methods for the other body parts.


            Professional laser hair removal machines work wonders in satisfying your customers and promoting your business. But an alternative to professional laser machines like the Ulike Sapphire Air3 IPL is the best considering privacy, cost, and convenience.

            5 Best Professional Laser Hair Removal Equipment in the UK (2024)
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