7 Best Free / Open source Video CMS For Sharing Videos (2024)

Open source video cms are platforms that are meant for videos and built on the open source code. These platforms provide a content management system just like the popular WordPress but for your videos. YouTube and Vimeo are the best examples of Video CMS. But if you want to run your own video blog to share the video you can go for self-hosted video CMS. The best video CMS should have

  • Inbuilt security
  • SEO optimation
  • Light and speedy
  • Tracking system
  • Updates

There are some best open source plus free video CMS those can help you to build your own video sharing platform instantly and easily. Beside Video CMS, we have also in listed some best open source video sharing script.

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Open source/free video sharing cms or PHP script

YouPHPTube- A YouTube Clone Github

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The YouPHPTube is the Open source video sharing platform just like YouTube and also allow you to make money using the Google Adsense. Using this platform you can download the videos from YouTube, Vimeo and few other websites directly to the self-hosted YouPHPTube based website.

Website link

See: How To install the YouPHPTube on Ubuntu Server


The PHPVibe CMS more or less same to giant Youtube with the same design and way of sharing videos. The user will feel the same touch and friendliness as they get on YouTube. It is available in tow versions one is PhpVibe CMS lite and another is PRO version with some extra features.

Furthermore, it offers Video embedding, Comments, Verified badges, Lists and filters, Articles and Pages, Social interaction, Subscribe, follows, like, dislike, activity and more features including bundled Youtube importer and a Youtube cron for fast video inserts.

Website Link

CumulusClips:A free and open source video CMS

CumulusClips is a free video sharing script that allows building own self-hosted video website. It allows you to build a YouTube clone to some extent where one can upload videos, rate the video and comment as well. The Cumulusclips video script supports all major browser such as Firefox,Safari, chrome including iOS and Android mobile devices as it produces HTML 5 compatible videos.

Website Link

ViMP – Online Video Platform

ViMP is another free video content management system that provides you with both enterprise and community version of their CMS. The Enterprise version of ViMP is paid and for the corporate world but if you want to run your own Vidoe CMS then you can use the community version. ViMP is also a good option for on-demand portals, e-learning platforms and internal corporate video solutions.

Website Link

Plumi Video Sharing:Open source Video CMS

Plumiis out of box solution for video sharing with beautiful layout and clean design. The user interface of Plumiis veryuser-friendly and can be operated and understand by anyone. It is built upon powerful enterprise FOSS Content Management System Plone. The theme of Plumi is responsive and can adapt different screen sizes and also provide the capability to playback the videos on Android and iOS devices. Using the newDiazoframework you can customise the theme of Plumi as per the requirement.

Website Link

Clipbucket: Enterprise Open Source Video CMS

If you talking about Opensource Video CMS our list wouldn’t be complete if we do not talk about ClipBucket. It is not a just video CMS but more than that, it is a complete multimedia solution. It is a single platform that can manage Videos, Photos, and Audios altogether.

The admin can also provide support to its user byusing its inbuilt message system. To support HTML 5 Players, the Clipbucket can also convert the video on the fly byusing ht advance server modules like FFMPEG. Moreover, you can also put advertisem*nt like YouTube before or after the videos to monetizeyour website. It has a responsive design to support all types of devices and as claimed by the developers that it can give complete security from SQL injections.

Website Link

PHPmotion: 100%opensource video sharing script

PHPmotion Media Sharing CMS is a complete video sharing solution with multiple colours and design support. Beside video sharing, you can also share other types of media such as pictures & audio/mp3 sharing. Like Clipbucket the PHP motion is also a complete multimedia Content Management System or (media cms application). You can easily achieve the YoTube like interface by editing its template built on CSS.

Website Link

MediaDrop Video CMS

MediaDrop is same as the popular Medicore video CMS with the same functionalities. MediaDrop is an open source video CMS and has enterprise-class technologies with flexible player architecture. The backend of this open source video cms is very beautiful and easy to understand. You can add and upload media with one click. The user can also upload videos on your Video website just like YouTube. Apart from upload the user can comment, embed, or share video and audio with their friends through the Twitter and Facebook sharing features.

If you have your videos on this part sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Blip.tv, Amazon S3, or any server you can embed them on MediaDrop Video CMS too. Last but not least is the responsiveness and CMS video playback support to the different devices, such as an Android, iPhone, iPad, or any desktop browser.

Website Link


MediaGoblin is another well known free and open source media publishing platform that allows you to create a decentralized alternative to Flickr, YouTube, SoundCloud, etc.

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Website Link

Note: This video CMS has not been updated for a very long time.

Video Share VOD is another free and open source video sharing solution but built on WordPress. If you are interested in creating Video On Demand platform then this can be very helpful. You can setup paid membership and quickly video advertising networks, Live video streaming via webcams, PPV Video chat, and Webcam Recorder. HTML5, drag & drop, AJAX, multi-video uploader for quickly sharing videos from computers and mobiles.

Website Link

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7 Best Free / Open source Video CMS For Sharing Videos (2024)


Where can I upload a video to share privately for free? ›

7 free and fast ways to share videos privately
  1. Filestage – best private video hosting platform for review and approval.
  2. WeTransfer – simplest way to share video online privately.
  3. Google Drive – the safest way to share videos privately within your organization.
  4. Vimeo – password protect your video files for secure sharing.
Jun 3, 2024

What is an online platform used to share videos? ›

Larger websites which allow the hosting of videos
NameLanguageSimilarweb traffic rank
Flickr / SmugMugMultilingual463
10 more rows

Where can I share large videos for free? ›

With Dropbox, you can easily send any large file, including images and video files, to anyone—and the receiver won't need a Dropbox account to access the file. Create a shared link to send any file from your Dropbox account, regardless of size or content, and share the download link via chat, text, or email.

What is the most secure video-sharing platform? ›

Comparison of The 15 Best Secure Video Hosting Platforms in 2023
  • Vimeo Livestream.
  • Panopto.
  • SproutVideo.
  • Wowza.
  • Vimeo.
  • Cincopa.
  • StreamShark.
  • Muvi.
May 16, 2024

Are Vimeo videos private? ›

Private (Available with all plans): The video will be visible only to you and specific team members you add, and no one else. (Adding team members to your account is not supported with Free, Basic, or Plus plans.) The option to make videos Public will be unavailable.

How to make a video sharing platform? ›

Building a Video Hosting Website Step-by-Step
  1. Define the Goal for Your Video Content. Before you start building a site or even creating any videos, you should sit down and define the goal of your video content. ...
  2. Choose a Site Builder. ...
  3. Set Up Your Video Hosting Website. ...
  4. Upload Your Videos. ...
  5. Launch the Site.
Oct 11, 2023

Is Vimeo free to use? ›

A free plan on Vimeo limits you to a single seat (the owner). Currently, on a free plan, you may upload or create up to three (3) videos for the lifetime of the plan unless you upgrade.

How do I share high quality videos? ›

If you want to share a video but don't need the recipient to download a copy—send a link via cloud storage. If the recipient needs to download a copy—use a file transfer service like Dropbox Transfer. If you want to get feedback on a video—use a video feedback platform like Dropbox Replay.

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