Anime Last Stand Tier List (2024)


Anime Last Stand Tier List (1)

By Artur Novichenko


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Anime Last Stand Tier List (5)

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  • Anime Last Stand Tier List

  • Best Units In Anime Last Stand

There are lots of great tower defense games on Roblox, and Anime Last Stand stands out among them with its massive list of units you can use. Knowing the best towers in the game can make or break your gameplay experience. This guide will provide you with a tier list that will help you find the most valuable units in Anime Last Stand so you'll know which ones to prioritize.


Roblox: Doomspire Defense Tier List

Not all towers in Roblox's Doomspire Defense are created equal. This guide provides a comprehensive ranking of the best towers in Doomspire Defense.

Anime Last Stand Tier List

Anime Last Stand Tier List (7)

Anime Last Stand has a decent list of towers that you can use to create the perfect strategy. However, if you want to succeed in the hardest missions, you will have to bring the most powerful units this game has to offer. So, here is a tier list to help you find towers worth checking out:




Animated Crow, Green Esper, Angel, Red Admiral (War), Cursed Child, Heavenly Chad, Mesh, Businessman Yojin, Strongest Alien, Ice Elf Emperor, Drip Lami Evo, Strongest Sorcerer (Unmasked), Jenos (Evolved), Baldy (Serious), Red Pirate, Black Swordsman (Evolved), Hero Hunter (Bloodthirsty), Flame Emperor, Sunwoo (Winter), Gerp (Canon), Idol, Golden Admiral (War), Flame Alchemist, Boat, Fused Warrior (Super), and Blue Admiral (War).


Speedcart, Curse King, Shadow Tanker, Super Robot 12, Strongest Sorcerer, Hae, Black Swordsman, Beast King, Corrupted Skeleton Knight, Red Admiral, Gigachad, Lightning Queen, Shadow Commander, Red Dragon Empress, Fused Warrior, Boifou, Unleashed Umbral Prince, Pride (Night), Explosive Bloody Demon, Knight King, Dark Flash, Beast, Robot 12, Light Admiral (War), Butterfly Breather, Assassin Captain, White Grim Reaper, Red Pirate (Young), Kon (Adult), Blue Admiral, Baldy (Bored), Zuffy (Timeskip), Jenos, Flame swordsman, Sunwoo (Bloodlust), Captain Commander, The Squad, The Prodigy, Demon moon guy, Illusionist, Ice Ice Baby, Fallen One, Boku (Ultimate), Apprentice Kai, Worlds Strongest (Old), Grand Green witch, Dark Captain, Best Waifu, Gas (Hunter), and Zott (Immortal).


Hero Hunter, Cascua (Warrior), Vagata (Margin), Top Choppa, The Umbral Prince, Tenjuro (Partial-Sun Breather), Golden Admiral, Green Legend, Skeleton Knight, Mist Dragon, Sorcerer Killer, Sleeping Thunder, Crimson Commander, Light Admiral, Swordman Mythic, Explosive Blood, Ulmiorra, Boxer, MeteorGuard, Ichiko (Masked), Gas, Guitar Hero, Zott, Water Breather Master, Curse King (Supressed), Water King, Namek Warrior, Grimjaw, Lightning Swordsman, Mad Tough, Riku, Lord Alien, Choin, 9 Tails, Vesh, Geezer, White Tiger, Vagata (Super), Sound Ninja, Boku (SS), Plague Man, Otsu Vessel, Chief Hunter, Wish Dragon Evo, and Uriu.


Water Goddess, Cascua, Drip Zami Evo, Gerp, The Trio, Gogata (Primal), Green witch, Beast Breather, Lovely Arrancar, Salamander, Wind Pillar, Isekai Demon King, Water Breather, Misses Love, Bobak, Burning Hero, Kazuu, Swordsman, Gunslinger, Noble Captain, Highclass Tanker, Flash, Zuffy (Lobby), Anti Magician, Lenji (Demon Leg), Benji, Ichiko (Kai), Wish Dragon, Sunwoo, Tenjuro, Isekai-Kun, Pride (Starter), Zuffy, and Drip Zami.


Kon, Virtual Swordsman, P-p-prisoner, Vagata, Ichiko, Roro, Kohan (Drip), Lenji, Boku, Zami, Sanji, Kirito, and Asta.


Roblox: Anime Crossover Defense Tier List

Need some help figuring out which units are the best in Anime Crossover Defense? This Roblox tier list is exactly what you're looking for.

Best Units In Anime Last Stand

Anime Last Stand Tier List (9)

There are many great units in Anime Last Stand; we will mention only a few here. These units will help you beat the most challenging game modes and earn plenty of rewards. So, let’s take a look at the best units in Anime Last Stand.

  • Animated Crow is an amazing tower that deals a lot of damage with its attacks and flames. Also, it has a decent range and can hit a lot of enemies thanks to its large AoE. With the help of this Celestial-type unit, you will be able to destroy hordes of different mobs. To obtain Animated Crow, you will need to evolve a Mythic-type unit called Illusionist.
  • Green Esper is another Celestial-type unit that deals massive AoE damage and slows down the movement speed of your enemies. It is a decent tower for different game modes, and you may find it especially useful in Progressives. You can obtain this unit from the Banner 2.
  • Ice Elf Emperor is an Ultimate unit that you can get in the Snowy Domain Stage 6. There is a small chance that you will get this tower as a reward after completing this stage. Ice Elf Emperor has great AoE damage and is able to inflict the Cripple effect on your enemies. This unit is an excellent support that will work fine in any game mode.

Similar to many other tower defense games, Anime Last Stand has a massive roster of different units, and it constantly gets updated with new towers. So, the meta in Anime Last Stand changes quickly, and some of the towers in the top tier may not be as effective in the future.

Anime Last Stand Tier List (10)
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Anime Last Stand Tier List (2024)
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