Blox Fruits tier list - best fruits June 2024 (2024)

May 23, 2024:We’ve added the latest Blox Fruits to our tier list and created an F tier in the PVE tier list.

What are the best fruits in Blox Fruits? We’ve put together theultimateguide to the best fruits in Blox Fruits for both PvE and PvP. Whether you’re looking to get the most powerful fruits on your own accord, buy or sell the most frequently requested of the bunch, or use the list to narrow down and practice a top-tier PvP build, we’ve put in the work to piece together a Blox Fruits best fruits tier listthat’s ripe for the picking.

Now many years into service, Blox Fruits is still one of the most consistently popular Roblox games out there, frequently rivaling other classics like Adopt Me. While you’re here, get a load of these Anime Champions Simulator codes, Project Slayers codes,Shinobi Life 2 codes, and – of course – Blox Fruits codesto get up to speed in record time.

Blox Fruits tier list

Here are the best fruits in Blox Fruitsfor PvE:

SKitsune, Dough, Dragon, Dark, Leopard, T-Rex
ARumble, Shadow, Soul, Spider
BBarrier, Buddha, Blizzard, Flame, Light, Phoenix, String
CDiamond, Door, Gravity, Ice, Magma, Revive, Sand
DControl, Love, Paw, Quake, Rubber, Falcon, Smoke, Spring
FBomb, Chop, Kilo, Spike, Spin

For most, Blox Fruits is a PvE title. A One Piece-inspired MMORPG in which you’re free to live out your life as a pirate or marine, tracking down the titular prize through involved quests, character-driven storylines, and rumor-fuelled adventures on the high seas. At the heart of these interactions are the devil fruits you consume to unlock bizarre abilities to use in battle. And as you can imagine, some are inherently better than others.

The Blox Fruits tier list above takesseveral things into account when grading the 30+ available battle-enhancing produce of dubious origin. Ease of use, ease of access, and power are all considered. To keep things clean and simple, a fruit’s potential awakened state is factored in as well: you won’t see it there by name.

What are the best fruits for Blox Fruits PvP?

Here are the best fruits for Blox Fruits PvP:

SDragon, Phoenix, Light, Ice, Spirit, Buddha, Dough, Venom
AKitsune, Shadow, Portal, String, Paw, Control, Gravity
BT-Rex, Flame, Magma, Dark, Love, Sand, Quake, Rumble, Rubber
CRevive, Falcon, Barrier, Spin, Diamond
DChop, Kilo, Smoke, Spike, Spring

This particular Blox Fruits tier list ranks more than three dozen obtainable fruits based purely on their effectiveness in PvP combat. That means they need to be able to hold their own and counter the move sets of more and more fruits to stand out. As before, obtainability and useability will play a factor in these rankings.

A powerful fruit that’s hard to obtain and harder to use can rank lower than a more common fruit that can combat a similar number of options without a steep learning curve.

There’s nothing better than the fruit you have at your disposal. With enough practice and wider knowledge of the game, you’ll always beat out a stronger fruit wielded by a less experienced player.

What are Blox Fruits devil fruits?

Blox Fruits’ devil fruitsare the source ofplayer’s abilities. These include Logia, Zoan, and Paramecia fruits.

The available devil fruits serve as a vessel for each player’s abilities. A player can only have one fruit active at any one time, gaining a move set that’s unique to that specific fruit. You can swap these out simply by consuming another fruit, but reclaiming the move set of a previously used devil fruit requires finding and consuming that fruit again.

In Blox Fruits, the 30+ available devil fruits conveniently settle into one of three categories, which help quickly define the core focus of their respective move sets. Here’s how they work:

  • Logia – Fruits that imbue element-infused attacks.
  • Zoan – Transformative fruits that allow the user to take on new physical forms for a time.
  • Paramecia – Generalist-type fruits with wide-ranging abilities suitable for various situations.

Howdo I get fruits in Blox Fruits?

For the majority of us out there, relying on the aptly named Blox Fruit Merchant is the best approach for gaining new fruits. Though his prices can be extortionate for some top-tier fruits like Leopard, his four-hour restock window ensures he always has sufficient supply. If you find that the particular fruit you want is consistently sold out, try to narrow down the restock time so that you can be first in line for his new shipment, or log in during a quieter period– typically around 12pm or11pmPT.

The reason for relying on the merchant is two-fold. At higher levels, most players look to private trades to obtain the fruits of their choice. Any fruit is available for Roblox at a moment’s notice, creating a volatile market out there for private Blox Fruits traders. Thankfully, fruits purchased from the vendor are automatically consumed, meaning people can’t buy up the stock to hold onto and flip for a profit.

How do I get free fruits?

One way to get devil fruits for the low, low price of nothing is via dumb luck. Blox Fruits spawn naturally in the game world for anyone to pick up. They appear every hour at random locations, despawning after 20 minutes if left undiscovered or unclaimed. There’s always a chance you’ll be lucky enough to happen upon one of these on your travels, gaining immediate power (or riches) depending on the find. But it’s no easy feat.

Paying players still have an advantage when it comes to these randomly generated edibles. Various game pass options available for Robux can alert you of these otherwise unknown spawn points. And with access to rapid traversal powers at higher levels, finding and reachingwild fruits at a lower level can be a losing battle without them. The latest Blox Fruits codes can fill your coffers closer to the cost of a top-tier fruit, though.

Now that you know all about the best fruits in Blox Fruits, why not check out our lists of Roblox promo codes and Roblox music codes? We’ve also got a list of the best Roblox games you can play right now.

Blox Fruits tier list - best fruits June 2024 (2024)
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