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Student of the Force
Sat in deep meditation you awake to whole new memories and an understanding of your existence.
Gasping for breath you try to hold onto your identity, images of your life here being washed up in a
stream of new consciousness. Your first forays into touching the Force leads on to your tuition at the
direction of your Master. Whether your education was a gentle and tranquil affair or painful and hate
inducing experience will depend on your second background. Your potential is unlimited, and with the
right choices you may one day reach it.

Master of the Force
The Force surrounds you with near blinding or a crushing intensity. You are a Master of the Force, either
in tune with its will and infinite subtleties or effortlessly bending it to your own desires. You are one of
the more powerful beings of the Jedi or Sith Orders, commanding respect from your subordinates and
receiving acknowledgment from your peers. With the changes brought with this… shift in your identity,
you sense your potential has grown beyond any old limits. Hmm, this warrants exploration...

Honestly, both of these backgrounds are pretty good on their own, but I prefer the perks in Student of the Force.

Rule of the Strong
There are no Sith in this galaxy, no one who embodies the Dark Side. The Dark is chaotic and
treacherous, in that Kaan was perceptive. His solution neutered the Sith, leaving them little different to the
Jedi. You know of the old greats, Naga Sadow who'd destroy stars with his power, Darth Revan and his
near unending fleets that destroyed the Jedi Order and the old Sith Emperor, immortal and world ending
in his power. The Dark Side is tumultuous and fickle. If one survives the politicking, the threats to their
life and can wrestle the Force to their will there really is no limit to the power that can be attained. It's in
the chaos of the Galaxy that the upstart, the new face, those with greatness in them can rise to their
rightful positions. The bastardisation of the Sith you joined, that you supported in an anathema to you.
Shearing the top of the pyramid prohibits anyone from touching the sky, perhaps from going beyond.

Best ideology for the Sith, bar none. The perks and items blow Brotherhood of Darkness' out of the water.

Force Sensitive
(Free for all Origins, but varied per Origin) - The Force is what gives a Jedi, or a Sith, his power. It's an
energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together.
You are a member of a small percentage of the galactic population that can tap into and utilise the Force
to effect the world around you.
Drop-Ins and Soldiers can be Force sensitive, but will begin with no training or awareness of the powers
to which they have access. Students of the Force have an exceptional level of competency for one so
inexperienced, starting off as described in the supplement. Masters of the Force will have received several
decades of experience in the Force, their power and skill again being described in the Supplement. The
latter two origins come with an understanding of the 'core' gifts that most associate with the Force.

A freebie for everyone, but the fluff text marks it as better than most perks like this. A student will start off at Ahsoka's level, with potential to grow, but Masters of the Force have "several decades of experience in the Force, their power and skill again being described in the Supplement."

So, a Master will start off at the level of Revan, Dooku, and Mace Windu. Not bad.

Technical Specialist
300 CP - It is arguable that this galaxy has, on the whole, reached a technological plateau. This bar may
be relatively high if one was to compare it to that of previous Jumps. Sentient computer systems, widely
available commercial FTL, weapons that can scour planets, miraculous medical technology and gravity
manipulation to name a few. An extremely comprehensive database of all these discoveries, refined and
developed over the course of millennia, will be mentally accessible for you. Should you have the
resources and tools on hand, there's no reason you couldn't create almost anything natively produced in
this galaxy.

Not really anything special, but I'm pretty sure it's a requirement for the following perk, since it's indented underneath this one.

Forceful Engineer
200 CP - Force sensitive individuals and species have created wondrous unions of engineering
genius and Force energies. Prisons to hold eldritch nightmares, holocrons and seemingly infinite factories
that strip entire stars for the resources needed for your unending fleets. You are inspired when it comes to
the design of such marvels, even being able to use the Light Side for unseen effects. This brilliance
extends beyond the Force into the wider realm of 'Magitek'. The potential trichotomy of Machine,
'Magic' and The Force could give birth to near unimaginable wonders for the inventive mind.

"...seemingly infinite factories that strip entire stars for the resources needed for your unending fleets..." Yeah, you can create the f*cking Star Forge. Pretty useful for anyone, but if you want to lead a war against the galaxy, an infinite supply of ships, weapons, armor, and droids would be pretty useful, as Revan showed.

500 CP - Despite the implications of its name, this perk doesn't necessarily make you the prophesied Sith
that would be granted the title. It instead serves to draw you towards widely influential events, places and
people. Stalemated battles that could use your input, buried paths to knowledge esoteric or profane, and
public figures that could be felled or upholstered if a guiding hand was applied. This perk also serves as a
Capstone booster for both Origin and Ideological Backgrounds, details of which will be provided in the

Mostly just for the capstone boost, but the perk isn't too shabby on its own. Plus, being able to call yourself the Sith'ari would be pretty sweet.

Form and Finesse
400 CP - The lightsaber is easily one of the most distinctive weapons in the Galaxy. It identifies one as a
user of the Force, belonging to a world that the vast majority of beings here will forever remain ignorant.
It'd be a waste of such an icon then, if you were unskilled in its use. As your now diminished fortune
would have it, you are one of the best lightsaber combatants to ever grace a battlefield. A grand master of
the seven forms of lightsaber combat, and quite competent in more niche ones as well. In a battle between
a thousand strong supposedly equal forces, you may help bring about a rout in your foes (after felling two
dozen or so). These forms can be adapted to other melee weapons you pick up, be they metallic maces or

This is why the Student background is my favorite. You're one of the best lightsaber combatants alive. Very useful for staying alive, and for making sure that your enemies die. The Master background has pretty good 200 and 400 CP perks, but they're not as immediately useful.

Precision and Definition
200 CP - A true Master understands the need for a softer touch at times, to avoid frivolity and
wastefulness. You are such a master, being able to use the Force with precision and flexibility not often
found in youth. Very fine telekinetic manipulations, charging a battery with a definite application of
lightning or touching upon the minds of an audience most gently to lend to a speech without it being
noticed. This perk goes beyond your application of the Force, of course, providing an almost impossible
level of delicacy with any supernatural power. A Ki blast like a micrometer laser? Teleportation onto an
incredibly narrow wire? Both possible with this perk, assuming you couldn't do so before.

Feel the Force Flow
400 CP - Even the most stoic members of the Jedi sometimes fall prey to pangs of irritation or fear.
Aspirant Sith often fail to bring forth the feelings necessary to command the churning Dark Side energies
they seek to wield. However you would exist as a bastion of tranquility or a tower of rage and hate,
should you fall into either respective camp. If nothing else, you're a Master of your emotions. You have
an absolute sense of self-control. Able to quell any and all feelings or evoke said sentiment in yourself up
to or past eleven. You shall always feel what you will.

Having a lot of precision is pretty useful, but I personally find being a grandmaster of all forms of lightsaber combat to be more useful. Same with forcing yourself to feel the emotions needed to command the Dark side.

Actually Strong
100 CP - The miners of Apatros wish they possessed a musculature like the one that makes up your form.
Tendons like steel, knotted muscle over more knots, endurance to hold a Cortosis jack for a day and walk
away comfortably. Bending durasteel rods or crushing a ship's black box are two of the fews things you
can't do with the raw strength in your hands. Throwing similarly large individuals, breaking a droid in
two or searing sheets of a more regular steel are all perfectly doable. Your constitution is similarly
boosted. Stave of illness, heal a broken bone in a week or breath in dusted ore for years without too much
of a problem.

The first perk in the Rule of the Strong section, and it's already showing its superiority over its Brotherhood of Darkness counterpart, which makes betrayals a lot less likely.

400 CP - The Force is not always manifested in the same way by all of its wielders. Many different Force
groups exist across the Galaxy, with their own practices and deviations from what the layman might see
as the the norm. Some Jedi might not have any talent for telekinesis, but may also possess greater access
to the minds of others. However some Sith possess abilities truly strange and potent. Sorcery may be the
name primitive societies give to the Force, but it is the only truly appropriate one for what you can do.
Magics and alchemy no longer elude you, indeed your talent for them is great. In time, with many rituals
and dark workings, you may discover powers that some would consider to be… unnatural. Warping the
weather, obliterating the minds and bodies of your victims, transferring your consciousness and vital self
to a new body will be the least of such sorcery. Alchemical abominations against nature like the War
Behemoth or the Chrysalide Rancor, Force enhanced weaponry, Sith spit and biomechanical undead come
together in your laboratories.

The 400 CP Rule of the Strong perk, and once again superior to its counterpart, which just gives you a bigger slice of the pie, during joint ventures, and prevents any feelings of resentment for it. Of course, if you've been to Tales of the Jedi, or plan to go there, you can just learn sorcery from the Sith Holocron of Rituals, so you probably don't need to buy this.

Darth Declaration
600 CP - Peace is a lie, there is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength. Through strength, power.
Through power, victory. Through victory, my chains are broken. The Force shall free me. These are the
words the Sith have operated under for millennia, the key steps to their unbelievable power. Kaan and his
ilk have locked the Sith on the precipice of freedom, quashing their potential for power, through the
propagation of their delusion that all Sith Lords are equals. You recognise this as the lie it is. Perhaps
you've declared yourself a Darth, perhaps an Emperor over your vassals, most definitely a being worthy
of the Sith. In recognising your superiority to your so called peers, you've broken your chains and found
power. Paths to personal power open up readily to you, like the Force or your destiny has been waiting to
reward one as enlightened as you. Whether it be learning secrets of the arcane, taking parsecs of territory
or in ensuring your Dynasty; you find great power comes to you almost without effort.

You gain power more easily, whether it's conquest or finding/learning "secrets of the arcane." Not bad, but the capstone boost is what makes it really useful.

Darth Declaration - The differences in your power and your enemies becomes all the more pronounced or
diminished, in your favour. Those far stronger than you find their superiority is actually quite marginal
when they face you; those far weaker than you truly are like the ants you hyperbolically refer to them as.

If you're stronger than your opponent, the gap between your power is widened. If you're weaker, the gap is shortened. Makes it a lot easier to handle rivals and enemies.

Sith Amulet
200 CP - Through sorcerous and alchemical workings, ancient Sith would creating beautiful jewellery
with arcane properties. This is one such piece that hasn't been ransacked or destroyed before your time.
This amulet can grant the wielder the ability to read and understand ancient lost languages and promotes
healing in its wearer, but it's greatest gift lies in its amplification of the effects of Sith magic. Where
without it a Sith Sorcery might blast the flesh from the bones of a single man, he could now strip an
armoured six man group. This boost scales to the very height of sorceries, allowing the greatest
practitioners to utterly eclipse their peers, perhaps literally.

Another Sith Amulet, though this one isn't as good as Exar Kun's. Still useful, though, if you don't have that one. Maybe even if you have it, if you can use two at once.

Orbalisk Armour
400 CP - When Darth Bane, Lord of the Sith, originally went to find the tomb of Freedon Nadd he was set
upon by force consuming parasites. These parasites consume force energies in exchange for several
benefits. Seeing as they rely on their host they're somewhat reluctant to let you die. Their shells will
protect you from Force attacks and lightsaber blades; should you be injured they will rapidly regenerate
any damage done to your body. For users of the Force the parasites contain a lot of the power they draw
from you, serving as batteries that you may draw upon for a massive surge in power. Given a few weeks
to accumulate this power, these parasites would allow you to crush three or more masters of similar
strength without the need to fell them with your lightsaber. Unlike the bugs on Dxun these will never
grow over your head or extremities, don't need you to have the Force to survive and will peel themselves
off of you should you wish to go without them.

This is where Rule of Strong really shines. A power boost, a really good defense, and regeneration.

Darth Andeddu's Writings
600 CP - Darth Andeddu was one of the few figures in history to have mastered the technique of Essence
Transferal. This technique allows one to persist past their corporeal form and take the bodies of others for
their own. Unlike what one may find in the tomb on Prakith, these detail a whole new level of Essence
Transferal for he or she who would take this route to immortality. Unfortunately for most, transferring
such vast amounts of Dark power to a new body causes it to rapidly degrade and forces them to move on
or risk being consigned to The Void. With this purchase, you need not worry about such an eventuality.
You may perfectly transfer yourself to a new host body, maintaining it and all your abilities perfectly for
as long as you'd otherwise naturally live.

Eh. If you want it, I guess. Unless you're planning on hanging around in this jump, it's probably not worth it, though.

If this is your first jump, it also has a 300 CP "all outside perks and items are forbidden, and you can't access your Warehouse" drawback. Given how powerful you are, the Bounty drawback is basically just free points, as well.

General Jumpchain Thread 4 WI (2024)
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