The Best Valentine's Day-Themed Makeup Releases Of 2023 - Glam (2024)

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The Best Valentine's Day-Themed Makeup Releases Of 2023

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The Best Valentine's Day-Themed Makeup Releases Of 2023 - Glam (4)

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With the holiday season sadly all over, everyone has already swiftly moved on to the next excuse to celebrate: Valentine's Day. Now, Valentine's Day tends to be a hotly debated holiday. For a day that's meant to be all about love, it tends to get a lot of hate. But really, it's a day to celebrate any and all forms of love.


Maybe you're planning to treat yourself to a box of chocolates and have a whole self-care day, spend it celebrating your love with your partner, or basking in some much needed girl time for a Galentine's day. Either way, love is at the core — well, love and a whole bunch of red and pink. It's certainly a day to whip out that red lipstick you haven't reached for in way too long!Valentine's Day makeup is one of the most fun aspects of the holiday to dive into, and it helps when makeup brands choose to release exciting Valentine-themed collections every year. This time, they've started early.

ColourPop's Flirty Talk Collection

It's almost impossible to track exactly how many themed collections ColourPop has dropped, but the brand always delivers. From Animal Crossing to Harry Potter, ColourPop has taken on just about every theme, and the brand's annual Valentine collections are always something to get excited about.


This year ColourPop has released the Flirty Talk Collection,which consists of an impressive range of beautifully packaged Valentine-themed makeup. The collection includes the adorable Heart Compact Pressed Powder Blush in four shades. It also includes three limited edition shades of the popular Glowing Lip. Of course, it wouldn't be a complete ColourPop collection without an eyeshadow palette, and the Flirty Talk Shadow Palette comes with 12 shimmers and mattes.

You can also grab the Heart Compact Pressed Powder Highlighter, along with theLove is in the Hair clip set, and two varieties of the QT Mark Face Stamp.The entire collection is available to shop online now, and the whole thing can be yours for just $149 (as of January 2023).


MAC Cosmetics Valentine's Day Collection 2023

If there's any brand that's quite as infamous as ColourPop for its themed collections, it has to be MAC Cosmetics. Whether it be movie releases or holiday themes, MAC always has a collection around the corner and the brand has kept it pretty simple for this year's Valentine's Day collection.


For 2023's Valentine's Day, MAC has chosen to shine a spotlight on lips with an entire collection of brand new and original lipstick shades all in beautiful metallic heart-embossed packaging. The collection consists of four creamy and classic matte finish lipsticks: Lady Danger, Relentlessly Red, Tropic Tonic, and Chili.

MAC has also released five of the brand's popular Glow Play Lip Balms: Bouncing Bloom, Rose to the Occasion, Floral Coral, Rouge Awakening, and That Tickles!To keep your lips perfectly prepped for each of these fun pinks and reds, the brand has also released a limited edition of the Prep + Prime Lip Base to give your lips a kissably smooth and hydrated base. The entire collection is available to shop at multiple online retailers right now.


Natasha Denona Valentine's Day Lipsticks

Continuing with the very Valentine-appropriate theme of lipsticks, Natasha Denona has also released her very own Valentine-themed lipstick collection. Nothing quite completes a Valentine's look like red lipstick, and this collectionhas given us two.


The brand has launched eyeshadow palettes in the past for Valentine's Day, but this year it's all about the lips with the I Need A Rouge release, which the brand highlighted on social media. The collection is of two perfectly red Rouge Lip Stylettos in the shades Emilia and Gigi. Each of the lipsticks also has a matching Lip Crayon lip liner available. Gigi is a lighter ribbon red while Emilia is a deep crimson red. Duo sets are available that pair each Lip Styletto with its Lip Crayon, making it perfect for gifting as well as saving (the sets are slightly discounted). You can shop this collection from the official Natasha Denona website now.

Pat McGrath Labs' The Love Collection

The Best Valentine's Day-Themed Makeup Releases Of 2023 - Glam (8)

Pat McGrath Labs

Another fan-favorite luxury beauty brand has also pitched into the Valentine's collection movement with Pat McGrath Labs launching a huge line named The Love Collection. Now, this has to be the most impressively vast range of products out of every collection in this roundup. Pat McGrath did not hold back with the beautiful luxurious Valentine's packaging and variety of options available.


The Love Collection practically consists of an entire makeup routine. First, there are three shade variations of MTHRSHP Eye Shadow Palettes all playfully labeled as Iconic Infatuation, Sublime Seduction, and Velvet Liaison. Each palette consists of buttery shimmer and matte shades, but if you're looking for a little extra shimmer then there are also seven shades of the FetishEYES Longwear Liquid Eye Shadow available from a rich gold to a deep pewter shade. The collection even includes two shades of the Skin Fetish: Divine Blush. Desert Orchid is a fun shimmery peach while Fleurtatious is a classical demi-matte beige pink blush.

Don't worry, the lips are definitely not neglected with two new shades of the popular LiquiLUST: Legendary Wear Lipstick as well as three new shades of the SatinAllure Lipstick. Lastly, Pat McGrath also gave us something for the base with a Love Collection packaged edition of the Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Blurring Under-Eye Powder. The entire Love Collection will be available on January 27, 2023 on the brand's own website.


Kiko Milano's The Powerful Love Collection

High-end beauty isn't your only option for Valentine's makeup this year. Along with the affordable ColourPop collection, you have the Italian-originated Kiko Milano, which has yet again released a luxurious-looking selection of Valentine-themed products at an affordable price point. The Powerful Love Collection is another bigger line that has a ton of fun products to play with this Valentine's Day.


Kiko Milano definitely didn't hold back with this collection. The range consists of everything from three eyeshadow palettes and cheek duo palettes to a perfume and a body lotion both named Powerful Love. That's not to mention the three new shades of the Duo Lip Color & Gloss and six new shades of the Demi Matte Liquid Lip Colour.

An eyeliner, mascara, face powder, and even a sleeping face mask — this collection is definitely extensive! The star of the show, however, has to be the Powerful Love Hydrating Lip Balm. The glittering beautiful lip bullet is a nourishing balm that adds a radiant subtly shimmery finish to your lips to keep them feeling and looking kissable this Valentine's Day.




The Best Valentine's Day-Themed Makeup Releases Of 2023 - Glam (2024)
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